In Western societies, it is not very likely for a woman to be considered sexually attractive if she isn't young and good-looking. She is expected to meet standards far more rigid than those applied to men. What we find attractive, to a considerable degree results from social conditioning and power structures that are also apparent in our private lives and relationships. Whereas a position of power, wealth, seniority, and experience usually enhances a man's standing from a woman's point of view, this rarely works the other way round when it comes to sex.

WOMEN'S LUST tells us about the lives and sexual desires of five women over 60 and their continous struggle to defend their freedom of action, socially and sexually. In various walks of life, these women show us how, despite their different backgrounds and characters, that basic issue remains the same.

The men featured in MEN'S LUST, on the other hand, didn't have to fight for the freedom of self-fulfilment, as it had been bestowed on most of them beforehand as a gift of society. But what they tell us shows the downside of this privilege, as well. It is about the fear of loss — regardless whether we're dealing with a genuine freedom of action or just a social imperative disguised as a liberty — the growing fear that their body may, sooner than later, become incapable to keep up with their demands. Notably, this general angst seems to get even more significant when a man's sex life is at stake.

The honest confession that their age is already taking a considerable toll on their body, may be a starting point for recognizing new, or newly discovered, ways of having sex for those who still feel the passion, vibrance, and lust.

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