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Five women past their menopause talk about their erotic and sexual needs — which are as varied and colourful as those of young people. The women tell us how they value a beautiful orgasm, discuss their ageing bodies and new independence. They are open-hearted, plain or bashful, cheeky, and witty.

Ina has been a loving wife since 1989. Christa found true love with Jeremie, who is much younger than her. Birgit loves Margit, whom she found through the Internet.

70 year-old Brigitte shares her bed with a married lover, who has remained faithful to her even during her hip replacement. And red-haired Bernadette is still looking for a potent man who has maintained a sound mind, as well.

Female sexual desire has no expiry date. Die Lust der Frauen (Women's Lust) is an affectionate and provocative film which, with a good deal of humor, calls into question the taboo of older women's sexuality as well as outdated social role models.