TV Documentary / Austria 2020
HD 16:9 Stereo, 52 min.

Director: Gabi Schweiger ⋅ Script: Michael Seeber ⋅ Camera: Sebastian Arlamovsky ⋅ Editing: Marco Klinger ⋅ Sound: Theda Schifferdecker u.a. ⋅ Editing assistance: Christoph Herndler ⋅ Color grading: Lukas Lerperger ⋅ Production management: Teresa-Saija Wieser ⋅ Soundtrack: Manfred Plessl

Produced by NGF – Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH
in cooperation with ORF, arte_ —> GEYRHALTER website
With support from: Fernsehfonds Austria ⋅ Filmfonds Wien

The penis as a source of identity and distress, a legitimisation of claims to dominance and fantasies of superiority, an object of fear of failure and loss: this small part of the body plays a key role in the male self-image. Penissimo" traces this fact and its consequences for human culture with the help of six men from different linguistic and cultural areas.

In memory of Jad Turjman, who died in a mountain hiking accident in 2022.


— Penissimo is a cheerful and light-hearted documentary, but also particularly meaningful.
(Marina Pavido, "Cinema Austriaco")

— Meanwhile, the prides of creation have plastered the planet with phallic symbols in such a way that Gabi Schweiger can hardly help but start her wonderful film about penises with their replicas all over the world.
(Jan Freitag, "Tagesspiegel")

— So all in all, you come away from this well-researched penis viewing a little wiser, more comfortable and at the same time more aware of the problem. (Jan Freitag, "nd-aktuell")

— The cock, the dick, the noodle, the lash, the pecker, the wiener and the johnson, so many names for this one organ in the middle of the body that seems to determine so much. In addition to its biological function, it also determines a great deal of self-confidence, of structural encrustation and, last but not least, an image that seems both immovable and increasingly questionable: that of strength.
(JW, "thelittlequeerreview")